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Expense in Shenyang Aerospace University





Master's Degree

20,000 Yuan/Year

(≈3100 US$)

in the English medium

Bachelor's Degree

18,000 Yuan/Year

(≈2800 US$)

in the English medium

Chinese Language

12,000 Yuan/Year

(≈1900 US$)

University Foundation Program

14,000 Yuan/Year

(≈2200 US$)

in the English medium


Private Room

14000 Yuan/Year

(≈2200 US$)

Single Room

850 Yuan/Month

(≈130 US$)

Friendship Villa

650 Yuan/Month

(≈100 US$)

Block A/ B

Twin Room

600 Yuan/Month

(≈90 US$)

Friendship Villa

500 Yuan/Month

(≈75 US$)

Block A/ B/ C

Four Persons Room

260 Yuan/Month

(≈40 US$)

Block C

Residence Permit

One Year

840 Yuan

(≈140 US$)

Less than one year

440 Yuan

(≈70 US$)


700 Yuan

(≈120 US$)

Health Insurance

600 Yuan/year

(≈100 US$)


2000Yuan/4 years

(≈350 US$)

for undergraduate students only

School Uniform

300 Yuan

(≈50 US$)

for undergraduate students only


500 Yuan

(≈80 US$)

including sheet, pillow and quilt

Internet Service

480 Yuan/Year

(≈80 US$)

Physical Test

700 Yuan

(≈120 US$)


100 units free/month

students should meet the excess cost

Note: The exchange rate is subject to the day you make payment.

Conditions of Payment

1. SAU prospective students must transfer one year tuition fee before they will be given original documents for visa interview at the Chinese Embassy in their country of residence.
2. If a SAU student secured visa and entered China, but he or she decided not to study at our university; the one year tuition fee will be forfeited.
3. If any of SAU students does not get a visa, the tuition fee will be refunded.
4. Tuition and accommodation fees should be paid to the university bank account directly.

① Account Name: Shenyang Aerospace University
Opening Bank: China Merchant Bank, Shenyang, Shenbei Sub-Branch, Swift Code: CMBCCNBS
US Dollar Account Number only: 024900266032888
Euro Account Number only: 024900266035886
② Account Name: Shenyang Aerospace University
Opening Bank: China Construction Bank, Shenyang, Santaizi Branch
Address: No 37 Daoyi South Avenue Shenbei New Area, Shenyang China
RMB Bank Account only: 21001423601052501214

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