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Campus facilities

On Campus Accommodation

There are diverse facilities at SAU for a pleasant and comfortable campus life for both students and university staff. The facilities include the campus supermarket, bookstore, bank, laundry, and numerous specialty shops as well as the student refectories, where students can enjoy a range of tasty, nutritious meals at affordable prices. Other facilities include the hospital, post office, telephones, internet bars, studios, gym, and theater.

All the international students live in the Friendship Villa in comfortable, air conditioned apartments, English-speaking Chinese students volunteer to help the international students when they need help with translation, or merely to find their way through the complexities of daily life in Shenyang. International students living at SAU are encouraged to join in the many campus activities and enjoy warm Chinese hospitality from the local students and teachers.

The campus itself is a large, beautifully landscaped garden, built around a central lake. It is a relaxed, friendly environment for living and studying.


Our library, an architectural icon, is a source of great pride for staff and students. The collections include ancient books, foreign language books, newspapers and periodicals, specialty literature and non-book data. The collection numbers around 1,500,000 volumes, dealing with the arts, literature, social science, natural science, science technology and management, among these, Chinese literature accounts for about 90,200 while foreign literature accounts for 48, 000. The library supports both school education and scientific research. We have paid great attention to the development of our collection, ensuring that there are resources to meet the study and research needs across all disciplines.

Living Facilities

Food and daily necessities are available in the supermarkets on campus. Other facilities include the hospital, post office, telephones, internet, laundry, studios, gym, and theater. International students may have meals in the student cafeterias or self-cater in their own apartments. The international students' apartments contain everyday facilities to meet the requirements of international students.

Medical Service

The university hospital provides basic medical service for students. Students may go to the hospital with their Student ID Card when they feel unwell. No. 739 Hospital and No. 242 Hospital are close to SAU, and in the downtown area there are many general hospitals including the First Hospital of Chinese Medical University and Sheng Jing Hospital. Students may choose different hospitals according to their needs.

The telephone number of Shenyang Emergency Centre is 120.
Tips: SAU requires all international students to have medical insurance. Students need to pay special attention to the range and procedure of their own medical insurance. Before seeing a doctor, students should contact their own insurance company to inquire the procedure and special issues of their insurance in China, and follow strictly the items stated by the insurance contract. Some other issues also need to be clearly understood, for example, reimbursement of the clinic fee, so that unnecessary problems will be avoided.

Activities and Student Organizations

Sports facilities such as basketball, volleyball and tennis courts are available free of charge to all students. SAU offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to ensure a thriving campus life. Activities are also sponsored occasionally by the International Cooperation Department and the teaching faculties. All international students and Chinese students alike are welcome to take part.

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