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Entry to China

International students must apply to the Chinese Embassy for Visa X if the duration of study is more than 6 months, and Visa F if the duration is less than 6 months.

The applicants should present the following materials:
1. Admission Notice
2. JW202 Form
3. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners
4. Passport

International students should enter China within the period specified on their visas. They are subject to frontier inspection and customs and health inspections according to Chinese law. International students should, within twenty-four hours of entry into China, go through temporary accommodation procedures. Those holding Visa X should, within 30 days of entry, obtain temporary residence cards from the Public Security Bureau. Upon arriving at school, students must go to a local health department to get their Physical Examination Record checked. If a Physical Examination Record is found to be out of date, or if some items are not properly documented or unchecked, the student must have the missing items properly documented or retake the physical examination. Only after passing the inspection by the Public Health Department can students begin their residence and admission procedures.

Airport Pick-up Service

SAU provide airport pick up service at Shenyang Taoxian Airport which will charge 200 Yuan (around 32 USD) for SAU students.

Accommodation Booking Service

Students should book the room type at least three days before arrival. Once the room type is confirmed, the student should not change room until the beginning of the next semester.

Shenyang City - The Dynamic City of China

Shenyang, the largest city in Northeast China, is the political, economic, and cultural center of Liaoning Province. It is also an important industrial base and a famous historical city, and, as the host city of the 2006 International Horticultural Exposition and venue for the football (soccer) matches of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shenyang is a truly international city.

Shenyang's climate is relatively dry most of the year with rain falling in Summer. Temperatures vary as much as 10 degrees Celsius from daytime to night, and in winter they can drop well below 0 degrees Celsius. Be prepared for stunning white winter scenes.

Shenyang's history can be traced back to Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC). It is the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and has many cultural relics which symbolize the prosperity and subsequent decline of China's last feudal dynasty. The most famous of these is the Shenyang Imperial Palace, which is of great historic and artistic significance and second only to the Forbidden City in Beijing.

As a significant city in Northeast China with abundant resources, Shenyang has made great efforts to provide good lodging, dining, transportation and recreation for tourists from all over the world. There are several five-star hotels in Shenyang, and the services and facilities of the other star-rated hotels in the city are all good enough to make you feel at home. In addition, you can find less expensive accommodations at local university hostels.

Shenyang is the shopping hub of the Northeast with famous shopping arcades and malls to meet the needs and budgets of discerning shoppers. Famous traditional dishes and snacks in Shenyang will definitely make your month water. And there are plenty of pubs, entertainment needs. It is a good place to study and visit.


Shenyang is a busy transport hub located in the Northeast region of China. It has not only a well-developed railway network but also a convenient, comfortable, fast and safe air service. You can take a direct international flight from here to Korea, Japan, Germany, the USA and Canada, as well as direct domestic flights to other major Chinese cities.
For flight information, please surf the following websites:
Air China:

Transportation in the City

The local bus service is fast, efficient and operates from 6:00 to 20:30 every day. The fare is 1.00 RMB each time you ride in a bus. The city map of Shenyang is available on the website: http://www/ The website also contains information on all bus lines.
Bus line 236 operates direct from the Campus of SAU to the North Railway Station. Shenyang taxis are convenient, available 24 hours a day and are relatively cheap. On average, it will cost you about 100.00 RMB form the Campus to the airport and about 40.00 RMB to the railway station.

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